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I've written my first commercial program in 1996 (a simple interface for capturing images and printing id cards using microsoft's video SDK), it ran until the early 2000s, when it was ported to Java (JMF). In 2012, this same system has been ported to a service oriented architecture with an HTML5 UI and is still online.

During the 2000s my projects included leading, working on and deploying large scale service-oriented PHP, Java and Python applications, from design with relational and non-relational databases to server architecture.

I also designed and deployed a hosting platform in 1999, first with local servers on a fiber connection, in 2003 is was migrated to Linode, then to The Planet (which later became Softlayer). It is still alive today on a distributed architecture backed by Amazon Web Services (EC2/S3/RDS/ELB)

I have a personal interest in distributed applications and I am currently developing two open source projects as proofs of concept for a resource-oriented architecture:


Objectiveweb is a PHP Application Framework that allows a developer to define simple data domains and access them using a REST interface. The backend takes care of authorizing the request and data retrieval or persisting the data to multiple SQL tables.


The project aims to be a thin layer between the data (provided by a REST service) and the user interface. I was responsible for the library research, design and implementation. Currently I'm writing documentation, which is available as a web application on and preparing for a public release

Despite being backend-independent, Metaproject complements Objectiveweb with an UI library, and most of its components came from real application requirements which are already in production.

A (half-baked) single page application showcasing a basic CRUD app is available at Its code is available on github.